FPV screen error of minimosd

hi everyone!

referring other's guidance, i organized FPV function by aligning following parts.

APM 2.6

Sony Double Scan 960H CCD Effio-V 800TVL WDR Camera

immersionrc 5.8ghz tx

foxtech explorer monitor & 5.8ghz diversity rx


but when i supplied the power to all equipment, almost osd information looked erased

and  i can see some regular dots as lines, some osd letter & arrow singal only.

already i inserted the number of suggested parameters into the mission planner. 

attached pls find screen caputure.

however i tried to clarify it, i can't find the reason and solution upto now.

i will really appreciate if you advise me to solve this problem.

b.rgds/elon yoon

captured osd screen.png

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