I came across a website with freeduino, and as far as i can see its 100% compatible with arduino, and from the pictures it also looks 100% the same as arduino?  So whats the point of it if its the same thing, just a different colour?  I was just wondering if I am missing a fundamental difference?  I did notice that one of them comes with a mini-USB adapter.

And it seems that it is just the same but without any of the trademark infringements if you decide to sell it etc..  But i dont get how this can be fine to use if its a copy of arduino?

if anyone could explain it would be helpful :-) as i am not an expert in commercial matters.

Besides my question, is it another usefull site if anyone wants to get started with the arduino enviroment

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    Try this website:

    I am building an Aeroquad quadrarotor and I purchased my Seeeduino 328 and Mega and my Arduino Mega here while they were on sale. They also sell the Freedino pwb and full kit so you can save money making your own "Arduino".

  • Yeah, pretty sure that one will run the same code too.

    Note that there are software compatible clones, and hardware compatible clones. The difference being that the latter have exactly the same female pin layout as the arduino, meaning they can have arduino shields plugged directly into them. That iduino, for example, can not directly accommodate expansion shields. It'll still run any code designed for an arduino though.
  • have you seen this one it also claims to be an arduino clone........ iduino
  • The arduino hardware and software are open source. Anyone can make their own or remix it. The Ardupilot is a slightly modified arduino. Seeedstudio and Sparkfun sell Arduino clones (as do other sites, I believe)

    The arduino name is not free to use, hence the clones having various other names.

    I like seeedstudio. They're cheap, pre-assembled, and add some extra features.

    Newer arduinos (and clones) have a 328 chip replacing the old 168 chip. Does the same thing, just twice the memory. Not necessary to get started, but useful for larger projects.
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