fried esc

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Images below shows opened esc with a couple of ic's fried. Any idea/s on what could have happened? Replacement esc not coming until weeks :( but any ideas on what could have happened will help in preventing the same mishap. THANKS.


Was checking out wiring to troubleshoot why a 5.8ghz video wireless system was blanking out whenever throttle is rev up and then all of a sudden smoke came out of the esc.




30A rc timer esc;

30C 8000mah battery;

v 39 code;

2.5kg all up weight;

turnigy 9x txrx system;

custom frame nearly 60cm motor to motor quad;

with gps and magnetometers;








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  • Developer


    Most of the time those problems are because of :


    - a short or a motor synchronisation problem causing a current spike, effectively destroying the Fets by overcurrent condition. A bad connector or solder contact can have the same effect.

    The solders at left on the picture are not good quality solder, at least visualy.


    - a FET problem (as you have more than one FET exploded, i think the first solution is the right one).


    Adding a 470 uF capacitor on each ESC input power rails can help, because if power cables have a small inductance, this can cause problems like this.


    It seems on the picture that you don't have such a capacitor.


    Last, if you want high reliabily, purchase high quality motors, ESCs, and connectors.

  • One more note, checking wirings included increasing throttle and that's when smoke came out of the esc ...

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