I have a new problem with the OSD, I can see all the OSD characters but it is frozen, no data changing, only the heartbeat symbol is blinking.

Any ideas?

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This happens to me pretty regularly. MinimOSD will randomly freeze after 3 to 10 minutes. And when using Arducam 2.0, I was never able to get panel 2 to work. Panel 2 was always bit garbled and not configured right and minim would quickly switch back to panel 1 if I tried switching. I'm now using the latest preview release of minimOSD-extras. Panel switching  works just fine, but I now have a garbage parameter I can't get rid of floating in the center of the screen. Also battery voltage is still -.3 from whatever is displayed in mission planner and it still freezes. My friends call minimOSD my OSG system where the G stands for garbage.

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