I am going to get a new radio transmitter and receiver and I like to know which one is better for my use:

1.Frsky taranis x9d plus with FrSky X8R 16ch Receiver

2. Any of Spektrum DX8 or DX9

I like to be able to use it for both ArduCopter and Arduplane.

Any suggestion and any place to get it with good price either in US or Europe?


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Get the frsky. It's a pretty nice system. I have the 9xd, not the plus. Perhaps the plus is better. However, I heard it was lacking a signal strength meter. You should be able to find it for under 200usd
Alijon, If you will be using the Pixhawk, make sure the receiver is ppm capable. Not all receivers have ppm and Pixhawk will only work with ppm. APM will work with any receiver. But, the Pixhawk is really nice. Let me know if you need help with your set up. It's pretty simple but could seem complicated in the beginning.

@GadgetGeek: Thanks for your reply. How can I make sure that the signal problem is solved in "plus" version already?

Also how can I find out if this receiver is PPM capable?


Or do you know any good receiver for 9XD?

I could not find the ppmsum spec with the other receiver. I know this one will work well. http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__19968__FrSky_D8R_XP_2_4Ghz_R...

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