FrySky X8R Telemetery from Pixhawk to Taranis

Hi Guys,

I came across Rolfs great project where he is converting MAVLink to FrySkys Smart Port protocol with an offboard processor and sending to the FrySky X8R which then beams the telemetry back to Taranis transmitter so you can view data on Transmitter.

Pixhawk (Telemetry port 2) -> [Smart PORT protocol] -> FrySky X8R -> Taranis = Battery data on Taranis.

This is a great idea and I want to implement a similar setup, as I don't have a mobile GSC yet. But instead of doing the processing offboard on the Teensy why not so it onboard (I'm using a Pixhawk). There is already a similar setup with the HOTT telemetery I believe.

My question is has anyone done this, or is it planned for APM:Arducopter?

Does anyone have any feedback whether this will work? I'm sure the Pixhawk hardware can output RS232 inverted at 57600 on the second telemetery port?

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