I am selling my photoshipone 2x gimbal: http://photoshipone.com/products/2x/

I will be very honest. I was not pleased with the tolerances of this product when it came to me around a year ago. That being said, it does work as advertised, but was a pain in the rear to assemble. I have carried my Canon T3i and GoPro on it without issue.

It needs a new tilt gear if you want the full 360 range, because I accidentally stripped it testing my object tracking algorithm :-D Oops! It still works, but it is missing some teeth. I will take some pictures of it and post back here so you can get a better idea.

If you are looking for something simple and entry level, its a good gimbal. The two axis are pan and tilt. Brand new it is $310. I am asking $220. I can calculate shipping if you PM me your zip code (US) or full address outside of the US.

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