Just bought a new transmitter from Hobby Partz. (Put the batteries in it. Fully charged.) Made sure all the switches where in the right positions. Turned it on, it just beeps, and display "switch error" message? Switches are all forward. So does this mean this transmitter is defective?

Defective tran (2).JPG

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  • im a newbie.. now that i got that out of the way.. I also have only owned the 9xr style radio...  i bought it for the price point.. but, from what I can tell, this radio will do almost everything else other radios do, with very minor/limited differences...

    I have been told repeatedly to get a different radio that cost 3-4 times as much, and those radios wont do what the 9xr radio will do...and those arent minor differences..

    the radios now, are digital/computer controlled radios... they all do the same thing, maybe a little differently... but the final result needs to be the same, a pwm/cppm/s-bus signal .. how it gets there is different.. i think if I understand it properly...each radio will transmit the info via radio signal and to avoid crossing signals with other radios, the information is encrypted or coded to change in a specific protocol...  that protocol is what is important...as they need to match on the TX and RX side of your model...

    the 9xr can use plug in modules... that is what calculates and applies the protocol before it is actually transmitted... so, you can have a spektrum compatible module in a 9xr radio... or a futaba or a couple others, (frsky/flsky)

    a couple other radios can do that, but those specific model radios are way pricey...

    I can understand that the more expensive radios have better gimbals, and thicker plastic or are even assembled better, but the actual performance will/should be the same.

    the spektrum radio has slider knobs, the 9xr doesnt.. both use open source firmware.....

    so, with all things being close to equal, I will stick with the 9xr pro, as it has sounds, vibration, backlit, custom switches, etc.

  • the throttle, absolutely positively needs to be down...

    that said, it sounds like you tried that and everything else and sending it back is the only option, although I wouldnt get the same radio.. get store credit and buy a different radio...or step up to the 9xr pro so you dont have to mod it and you can flash it...

    or get the spektrum... a lot of flight controllers are using onboard spektrum support now..

    • I had the switches every direction you could place them, up, down, sideways, the transmitter just wouldn't boot up. It kept flashing "Switch Error". I would have cracked the transmitter opened, and looked. But I decided to send it back instead.

      I don't know if the one or more of the switches where bad? Or if the chip itself was bad in the transmitter?  I'll see what Hobby Partz is going to do when they get this one back? Ask me if I want another one, or something different? In the meantime I'll check out the 9XR Pro and Spektrum out... 

  • Just before you ship it back. Would you mind to send us a picture of the top as well. There might be something small wrong. I have read a lot of people asked about this and in general the radios aren't faulty I have only come across two people with faulty units and one of the did not have the same problem. 

    • Johann3702518923?profile=originalAll switches are forward, transmitter just beeps, and flashes "switch error". I also tried different combinations of the toggle switches forward with no luck. (Believe me, I prefer not sending this transmitter back.) I've been working on this project since June. Its just been one set back after another.

      • That photo shows your throttle all the way up to max.
        Try moving it all the way to the bottom.
        • That's how this transmitter is supposed to work. (All toggles forward, away from the operator.) All though I did try the switches down, throttle etc., and in other position's with no luck. Just beeped and flashed "switch error". After several emails to Hobby Partz, they sent an RMA number., an and I sent the transmitter back for a replacement. But I got stuck paying the return postage, so the price for this thing isn't a bargain anymore...

          • I had the same problem on my 2nd set FS TH9x (FlySky 2013 batch).  The problem was one of the switches bottom switch contact was not fully released (rnot etracted fully way from the user).  Need to push hard a bit or replace with new ones.  I replaced my throttle hold switch due to that.

            • If it wasn't brand new, (got it one day, sent it back the next), and under warranty, I would have taken it apart and found out what the problem was? I'm thinking about building my own transmitter now, winter project.

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