Full AdruCopter kits suitable for indoor flight? Smaller frame might be better?

Hi all, i'm completely new here and wanted to get into DIY UAVs, first starting off simple by purchasing one of the full kits


I wont be doing anything crazy to begin with, just simple hovering tests and such indoors. As such, i'm wondering about the feasibility of testing this indoors.

My first concern is safety, both for me and the UAV itself.

Given that the length of each arm sticks out nearly a foot for the 3DR frame, i'm wondering if the full kit with the 3DR frame might be a little too big for indoor flight, should I be more concerned about speed rather than now big it is? I'm confident that there should be sufficient space for maneuverability in my 14x10 ft^2 apartment (sufficient air space/ceiling too, haven't measured but it should be good enough).

If you guys think a smaller frame might be better, can you give me any recommendations? I'd imagine a smaller frame would mean swapping out the motors too, which would mean fiddling with PID gains and such.. but that's further down the road. Ideally, i'd like any recommendations for frames with motors + rotors + good mounting for all the electronics included.

one last thing:

I know Quansar sells UAV cages, they're sort of a safety harness which wraps around the UAV, but is light enough not to impede performance significantly.


Any idea if such contraptions exist for the larger 3DR frame or any adrucopter compatible frame in general?

thanks for the tips

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Do you have any flying experience?

Flying this arducopter inside will be a scary and expensive experience.

If you want to fly indoors I would look at the KK Micro MultiCopter


I have no experience with it but I think it's you best bet.

Good Luck!

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