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I'm a wannabe aerospace engineer. i've studied control theory, both classical, modern and nonlinear. I'm handy with Matlab/Simulink and have used it for various sub projects such as control systems simulation and real time estimation techniques.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm a wannabe aerospace engineer who wants to work on hardware. I'm interested in applying my knowledge i gained from school (control theory mostly, some estimation too) and putting it to the test with real hardware. Here are a few things I want to learn / fiddle with: -Understand the whole guidance, navigation and control loop from start to finish with everything in between. Key words: PID, gain scheduling, GPS+IMU navigation, kalman filtering, DCM + quaternion, math math and more math. -After i get the jist of the above stuff, I want to start applying some more advanced techniques: computer vision based navigation, on-the-fly trajectory / path planning, implementing non-linear robust control laws, using hardware-in-the-loop to test and verify that my guidance and control laws arent bogus and remain stable.



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Ballistyx posted a discussion
Hi all, i'm completely new here and wanted to get into DIY UAVs, first starting off simple by purchasing one of the full kitshttp://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/PurchaseI wont be doing anything crazy to begin with, just simple hovering tests…
Apr 18, 2012