Hello everyone, just made my setup for aerial mapping. I'm using pixhawk (arduplane latest fw) with dragonlink v3, and canon s100 with CHDK fw, and tuffwing shutter cable for canon. Made everything according to instruction on manuals and guides and it won't work, however with ArduCopter fw it works fine. And yes I'm noticed those warning notification on wiki page that work only on copter fw, and I'd like to be sure will it work DO_Digicam_CONTROL mission command during auto flight. Any thoughts?

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  • my firmware also going weird, but my plane can triggering capture now but when GPS signal in use, the signal always 1700 where it will trigger my camera.. im using seagull map2...

    know how to solve it?

  • I too have noticed this issue with it not working, so have 3 others in the local area.  FW version 3.5.3 is the last working version.  I'll confirm ultrafuge's method and let yall know if it works for me.   It would not surprise me if someone just changed the method in how it works and didn't publish the change, or perhaps, it's a genuine bug.  I'll be back.

  • Hi,

    not the same setup, but it works.

    Arduplane 3.7.1, camera is triggered by IR using PWM signal on RC7 there is power on the servo rail. CAM_DURATION = 1, RC7_FUNCTION = 10

    Right click in Flight Data, hitting 'Trigger Camera NOW' works for me.

    When setting RC7_FUNCTION=1, then I can use Tx to try if shutter works (or not).

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