Futaba T14SG

Hi, I have a Futaba T14SG, my issue is that I am having problems linking switches. I would like to set a two position switch to control two separate three position switches. Does anyone have this issue?  I have sent a message to the Futaba Tech department but of date no response. 

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  • Jim
    I'm in the process of building a FireFly sport with Pixhawk PX4, I'm using a Futaba T14SG with R7008SB RX. Also going to using a mini OSD for small Screen on TX. I'm looking for any details on base setting for the Futaba radio.
    Thanks in advance
  • Would this help?


    • Thanks Joe, I searched our site but missed this one.. I think that This will fit my bill. Thank you so much for your kind input. I am totally amazed at what this little box is capable of. I guess I really need to dive into the programming, I used to do assembler, fortran, cobal and C++ along with database. But that was long long ago. Again thank you for pointing me in the right direction...

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Aug 25