I found the Copterlink project: http://code.google.com/p/copter-gcs/wiki/CopterLink

Do somebody knows, whether i kan use the 3dr telemtry kit (https://store.diydrones.com/3DR_RadioTelemetry_Kit_433Mhz_p/kt-tele...) instead the xbee modules?

Best regards.

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Hi Anselm,

It should work with the 3DR Radios as a direct replacement of the XBees.


For a fey days I get all parts and build it. But it has no function. I can use the 3dr with ftdi and apm at 57k. if I connect the 3dr to the bluesmirf I can connect via pad to bt, but I didn't get any heartbeat. A few time after BT connect and click on any gcs-app-button, the 3dr will lost connection (green led flashes). this is not happend, if i connect via usb-ftdi. has anybody an idea?

best regard from germany

Sounds like your BT module isn't set to 57600. Did you change that in the bluesmirf config?


both 3dr modules and bt module are sets to 57k - i checked it two times

Try swapping your rx/tx lines.


This is ok, too. Rx from bt is connected to tx at 3dr and tx from bt to rx at 3dr. I've followed the circuit on the gcs copter wiki. I only use 3dr instead xbee. 

I guess you'll have to prove that the BT module works and is working at that speed. Use a phone with BT and try to send data to a PC using the FTDI cable. Ensure everything is set to 57k and see if the data is readable or gibberish.


Hey Anselm and all,

I am very interested in how to set that up.

How do you do the wiring?

I have a 3DR ground module that is USB and I am unsure how to use it with BT.


Hi! You ned a second Air-Module and there you must connect the RX/TX wires to the BT-TR/RX. The actual gcs-copter version is for my pad/phone not usable. I still wait for an update from the developer. In the bug-tracker (~ #26 or 27) is a link to an other similar project wirthout the bug, but I doesn't used/checked this similar software...

Best regards from germany

Ok thanks, so no way to simply use the USB module?


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