Dear community, thank you for welcoming me into this forum. I am pretty new to this field and I am currently making a shopping list to develop my first drone to use for mapping purposes. I have some questions I would like you to answer for me:

  1. Flight controller: APM 2.6 or Pixhawk?
    I would like to use a mapping software like Pix4D, a GPS module, two onboard cameras, a gimbal and perhaps some additional sensors in the future. I am a bit worried about the APM capability.
  2. FPV and data streaming
    With a 433Mhz Telemetry device I would like to upload the missions to the drone wirelessly, this one is also used as FPV transmitter, what does this involve for the communication with the device and the controller? Does it support more than 1 camera streaming?
  3. RC ControllerHow should I select a remote controller? How many channels are requested for my purpose, any suggestions what I should be aware of? I would like to control the device with a Gimbal
  4. Battery Life
    how much power should I get for a 15-min indipendent flight? Any suggestions on how to select motors and ESC (I want to get preflashed SimonK ones)?

Thank you for your inputs and advices, as soon as I decided for a propper shopping list I am going to post my configurations and some pictures of my build. Best regards.

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