Hi All,

Can anyone provide information or a link to a resource regarding the time stamps on PixHawk dataflash logs? I can't seem to find any up to date information on all the values recorded.

Specific example:

I have a row in a log where the first row has:


and the corresponding GPS log is


The GPS time is the correct value of the flight, though I think the time is off by exactly one hour (Feb 21, 2015 1:38:29PM, flying in PST at 2:38 actually).

  1. Is there any correlation of TimeMS to the actual system time or GPS time?
  2. Is there a reliable offset of TimeMS or is it just a counter of time since power on?
  3. Is there a timezone associated with either time?
  4. Right now I have all default logging. Is there a log setting which would change this behavior?

Thanks for your help!


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