I believe fence or geofence to be one of the most amazing, useful safetly features of this firmware.

Thanks for everyone's hard work to make this possible!

With fence on,

Now, when the the target altitude is reached (or breached) the copter enters into RTL mode.

It used to just STOP and not go any higher.

When did this change? what firmare?

Can there be an option to turn this back on, if not, where exactly is the code where the change occured.

Also, would it be hard to write the code to have the multicopter just "STOP" and not PASS the fence instead of RTL in the horizontal fence breach also?



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      • Developer

        Rob and I have fixed this in master and it'll go out with AC3.3.  The previous behaviour is there in AC3.1.5 which is available through the mission planner's "previous firmwares" link.

        Thanks for the report.

        • Excellent, thank you Randy, thank you Rob.

          I will beta test 3.3 as soon as it is available and report here any results pretaining to the geofence feature.

  • Developer


    I guess you're talking about copter?  It depends which mode you're in so if it's AltHold, Loiter or PosHold it should stop just below the altitude limit.  That was how it worked in AC3.1.5 and AC3.2 should be the same although I don't remember specifically testing this as part of the AC3.2 release testing.

    If you have a log of the event we can be sure.  Otherwise one of the devs (maybe me) will give it a go in the simulator.

    Doing it for the horizontal limit is a little more difficult although it's on the to-do list.

    • Hi Randy, is it possible to enable in  Arducopter   polygon Geofence, the same way it works in arduplane? 

      If not do you think this could be possible in the future? 



      • Developer


        I'm nearly 100% certain we will enable the polygon geofence in Copter at some point.  It's tentatively on the to-do list for the next release but that's still some time away and we sometimes have to push items to the next release if we run out of time to implement them.

        • Thanks Randy for your quick answer and for the great job  that you and the others developers are doing!

    • And yes, this happened while in PosHold

      • Developer

        It could be a bug/mistake.  We made a huge number of changes between AC3.1.5 and AC3.2 so it's possible it was missed.  I've raised an issue here so we will check before AC3.3 goes out.

        • Ok, thanks.

          I will report back after a few more tests to make sure the problem is conclusive.

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