Is it possible to add Geoserver to Qgroundcontrol, replacing Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other mapping services ?  Opengts allows this, and we have it working with maps, GeoTiffs, we created from scratch.  We do this for a couple of reasons; 1. we need more detail than what is offered by ordinary mapping services 2.  there are no fees to be paid should you be using one of these service for a money making venture.  




Land vehicles may be in more need of detailed maps than aircraft.




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Nice idea, although I think a better approach would be to add a WMS client which could access a Geoserver or any other wms map server.

Actually re-reading your post, maybe that's what you meant!

Hi Simon,  Nice to hear from you . 

Geoserver, which we have running on OpenGTS, is a  WMS compliant.  When we have time, we will look at implementing that into the Q Ground Control.  Certain parts of the world are not mapped very well, or there is a greater need for detail, which is not available from on line mapping services. 

If you have any pointers on where in the Q Ground Control to put the map server URL, I would be highly appreciative. 




all map-related things in QGroundControl are from the OpenPilot OpMapControl. I don't know about WMS, so no specifics here, but the code for getting map tiles is (from the QGC root) in




Much appreciated !   I will have a look at it in the next few days and let you know.

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