getting S.bus to PPM working, X8R

Good afternoon, 

I have purchased an erle brain 3 and am having a difficult time getting it to arm. So I purchased the FySky X8R and a servo wire, then discovered that Sbus isnt supported, so I then purchased an Sbus to PPM decoder and still cant figure it out. 

I was able to get the ESC's calibrated separately using channel 1 on the receiver but cannot get them to calibrate when each is hooked up to the FC and receiver hooked to PPM in on FC. Is there a setting on the transmitter itself or something I am missing? 

One other thing, when I had it hooked up to APM Planner I was able to calibrate the transmitter but I still cannot get the copter to arm. Any help is greatly....greatly appreciated, as I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong.


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Dec 3, 2020