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LaughingMan posted a discussion
hey guys, sorry for this same post which has been discussed at great length before but I have searched high and low but cannot get this thing to arm. I have a pixhawk and have completed the wizard to set it up. All calibration passed, I changed the…
Sep 11, 2018
LaughingMan posted a discussion
Good afternoon, I have purchased an erle brain 3 and am having a difficult time getting it to arm. So I purchased the FySky X8R and a servo wire, then discovered that Sbus isnt supported, so I then purchased an Sbus to PPM decoder and still cant…
Aug 31, 2018
LaughingMan posted a discussion
Good evening guys, I have what is more than likely a very novice question, but after many hours of searching online and not finding an answer I have decided to come here and ask. So I read a post that said the Erle Brain was sbus compatible so I…
Aug 26, 2018