Good evening guys, I have what is more than likely a very novice question, but after many hours of searching online and not finding an answer I have decided to come here and ask. 

So I read a post that said the Erle Brain was sbus compatible so I purchased the X8R. After more reading and not getting it to work on my own I have discovered that the Erle Brain is not sbus compatible. 

So my question is regarding general wiring and also if I can still use this receiver. I am under the impression that normally using sbus the ESC servo wires go to channels 1-4 of there Erle Brain, then one wire goes from the receiver to channel 14 of the Erle Brain. Would I be able to use the X8R without sbus, just normal CPPM? or will I be required to buy the CPPM encoder or another receiver all together in order to get this to work? Thanks in advance for any input.


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