Hi guys,

            Pls suggest some best and budget 3 axis and 2 axis Gimbals for Xiaomi Yi action cam (Chinese Gopro) for my APM 2.6, F450 clone Quadrocopter.

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I have a walkers g2d and g3d, I just filed down the gimbal to accommodate the slightly larger xiaomi yi.

Xiaomi yi in 3 axis g2d and 1 axis gimbal

This one is xiaomi yi on g2d

Thanks !! Jun Yamog the Video was spectacular, but there is a little wobble, is that due to the gimbal ?  and can you post the pics of your Setup.

The V550 flights (1 axis gimbal) where you can see the rolls as only pitch is compensated has a post production stabilisation applied.  This causes the wobble.

I don't have the photos of the gimbal, but here is some build notes



I don't have a good writeup of my f450.

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