Glitchy Video

I bought the 3DR video kit with the drone. The video quality has been poor from the first day we started flying. The problem I am having is the video gets a lot of static while flying. The drone can be hovering or moving and the static will show up. I would say 30% of the video is not usable because of the static. Any ideas on what may be causing this problem? The video transmitter is mounted on the platform that attaches to the arms so it is below the APM, gyro and compass. The battery is mounted on the bottom of the drone and the only part near the video transmitter is the telemetry transmitter. I ordered a FTDI breakout board so I can try and configure the video thinking there may be a basic setting wrong. Does changing the transmitting channel have any affect on video quality?

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  • is it the transmitting of the video that is bad? or the FPV that is bad....I think you can't have two TX next to each other as one will over ride the other if near the same freq....but I'm not into FPV so I'm not 100% on this...I do know that flighttest has many videos on this and how to set it all up and where you should position your antennas.

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