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Ok the only crashed I get now are when a prop falls off the quad will in flight.  It has cost me two cameras and a good amount of embarrassment.  It only happens once every 15 flights but I hate it.  So has anyone ever super glued the collet prop ad pater to there motor?  It seems even if the motor goes bad at some point a new motor comes with a new collet adapter.


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Excellent post. One question, you mention that 37mm was the best length, but did not recommend it. You mention something about a previous post. Could you explain?

You can use the following to press in and out motor shafts.

3/16 socket long
3/32 drift punch

I was referring to my post two posts earlier on the page.  Basically, I think the adapters that came from 3DR with the motors are poorly designed/machined and are not suitable for use.  And if you're going to go through the trouble of changing the shafts on your motors, you might as well get new prop adapters and use whatever is the best shaft for those.

I'm going to give the bolt-on adapters a shot, and (eventually) find out what kind of damage is done when I (inevitably) whack another prop on the ground.

I've not had any issues with loosing adapters. I've had issue with bent motor shafts. Thanks for finding replacement shafts.

I've used these in the 3DR motors with no problems.


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