So, after finishing my new pdb I realized that it was not my only problem.

Even after countless calibrations, manual, automatic, regardless, motors one and two do not respond, while 3 and 4 function perfectly.

They run perfectly  and calibrate without a hitch, however when plugged into the APM 2.5, regardless of signal input (even if I plug motor 1 into motor 3's slot) they simply "Tick". They methodically tick in unison in what sounds like a very subdued arming noise. 

I have run through the apmsetup 10+ times

I have re installed the firmware (with an erase and reset every time) at least 5 times

I have re calibrated my radio countless times

I am using standard 20A 3dr esc's.

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  • The #$%^ deans. (edited by moderator for language)

    Turns out the deans plugs where somehow broken so that they had perfect connectivity at the ends, but absolutely nothing on the actual terminal pieces for motor connectivity.

  • Ok an update, this is very strange.

    I am getting 12v out on all four of my connections, yet on the motor one and two slots any of the four esc's do not seem to get power.

    I have confirmed that the "ticking" is the result of the esc's getting power through the control cables and NOT through the main source itself, yet i am clearly getting 12 v out on all four connections.

    does anyone have any idea about what this could be?

    Is it my battery?

  • One more mistake that i did once, and that gave me similar problem.....
    My esc's where plugged to the apm (UPSIDE DOWN) because i was using JR servo plugs (unpolarised).
    Make sure ground is on the right side...
  • (I have run through the apmsetup 10+ times

    I have re installed the firmware (with an erase and reset every time) at least 5 times

    I have re calibrated my radio countless times

    I am using standard 20A 3dr esc's.)

    Does that include ESC calibration.....

    I'V had similar problem in the past right after reloading the firmware, and , and recalibrating the esc's seemed to have fixed that problem..
  • If you have plugged motor 1 into motor 3 slot and its not working - it sounds like the motors had it. Can you set up a simpler setup without the apm board battery / esc  / receiver / motor - to just test that the motor works ? If that motor is broken no matter what code you change - its not going to help it.

  • 3D Robotics

    Did you solder your own board?

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