I apologize if this question has already been asked.

We currently have a quadcopter that can lift a pretty good payload, we are currently looking into a hexacopter. We have so far taken footage from a contour+(like a gopro) but it has been mounted in a fixed position. We would like to fly our contour and perhaps a small point and shoot. So far we have not been able to find a good but inexpensive camera mount. We have a hobbyking pan-tilt mount, but is is very unsteady. We do not get very much tilt range. The pan mechanism makes the whole mount very wobbly and unsteady almost to a point that it is useless.

Can anyone recommend a good but inexpensive camera gimbal (2 or 3 axis)? (preferably under $80 max $120 including servos)

What axises have people found most useful (pan, tilt, roll)?

The mount does not have to be super professional (I have seen those that cost over $1000)

Any help would be appreciated



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hi, i recently bought this gimbal  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVGi414MamA,

and it costs with the servos around 45 pounds and supports up to 1kg payload! It has Tilt and Roll control, as PAN would be useless since the landing gear would be in the way. Better use yaw of the multirotor instead. It is made from fiberglass and it has plates for two size of servos (40mmx20mm, and 32mmx16mm).It also has a place for a 9g servo for shutter release. The only thing is that i got it from UK, and since you are looking for a price in dollars, i suspect that you are not from around...

anyway, the site i bought it is : http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk

They do ship to Canada (that is where we are). I love the design and the price is very reasonable. I notice that they have several different models, which is the one that you are using? As well you have a camera shutter control, which model is that?

THanks very much

What about this, looks really good for the price


i bought the last one, that costs 35 pounds! i hanent shot much yet, but till now i'm very satisfied! i will shoot some test footage now again, and i will post it!

there is also a 3axis version

it looks good and promising, but it was quite expensive for a beginner like me...

yea i suppose but i am pretty confident it will deliver some pretty stable footage. And its a hell of a lot cheaper then the DJI zenmuse gimbal ;)

i will keep it in mind when i will upgrade my gimbal! But for now i'm mostly interested in aeriak photography and not video!

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