It's time I started the job hunt again and I need some recomendations for UAS job websites.  I would love to make my hobby my job.  I don't have a good UAS resume but have prior DOD experience in Iraq.   I have applied to Insitu, Northrop Grumman, and Evergreen.  Know of any in Arizona also? Any recomendations are appreciated.

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Procerus is in Utah and is usually looking for engineers.

i am looking for a job too, and this is what i have achive.

if someone in this forum interested with that video..please contact me by email. thanks.

Offering a SD job...

It is not really a job but an oportunity to earn some cash.

I follow the forum for nearly a year now, hoping that some day BiCopter support will be included in ArduCopter.

I am prepared to finance this project.

Anybody interested?


I am interested in your job offering Mr.Francisc Bereczky. what are the requirements that I should meet to work with you?

Very good C++ skills (OO programming), good understanding of ArduCopter libraries, some basic knowledge about Qudrocopters, Tricopters and RC models. But most important seriousity and willingness to do a good job. Having a few friends between developers is an advantage.

I am offering a great opportunity, anyone interested? You need the engineering skills to support a new startup drone/uav/quadcopter company. Please contact me directly. 

Feel free to post it on our site..

We are looking to add jobs and help grow the industry

also feel free to add your company to our directory.

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