Google Earth flight reconstruction


I have quickly slammed together some web service code that will take a Mavlink stream (eg. telemetry) and turn it into a real-time Google Earth web brower plugin cockpit view. Did this exist already?

Anyway I love the result. With a fast and reliable enough data connection, it looks alomst real.

Here is an example, where the data stream is read from a returned on-board flight log: , so a sort o cockpit view mission playback. I had to record it with an external camera instead of streaming it off the desktop, as otherwise generating the image and saving it at the same time would be too much for my computer.

If anyone is interested, it could be developed a little more upon..






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  • Hi,

    I basically made a parser can read the log files (one for MAVLink data and one for the text log files that MP saves from onboard logs).

    Then I made s small web service running in a Tomcat web application server on my own computer. This is the standard way to do web services in Java; any other system like .NET or PHP would have worked fine too.

    The web service hosts a page which tells the browser to reload it several times a second (primitive kind of animation). The page contains a container for the Google Earth plugin, with a camera view for the current position and attitude of the aircraft for the time (relative to beginning of session) of the request.

    One could actually make an internet web service out if it too, users upload their logs and the service works as described.

    qgroundcontrol has a Google Earth view too. This seems to work with an integrated browser view.



  • Really nice tool. Hope you will make it available in the future.

    Can't wait to see it for myself..

  • Wow!! its awsome!! how did you do it?

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