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M3one replied to M3one's discussion Compass offsets
"I'm pretty sure it is a hardware problem cos the same happened to me. My loiter had problems some times and few times even the stabilized was not working well (it wasn't a big problem, it wasn't horizontal and I had to stabilized by myself). But if…"
Jun 4, 2014
M3one replied to M3one's discussion Compass offsets
"I didn’t find a solution. I bought an external compass and now is working perfectly.
I don’t understand quite well you problem, you don’t have magnetic field data but you have offsets… weird.
I had a similar error (no MAG data) when I didn’t connect…"
Jun 4, 2014
M3one replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD
I have the freeze problem with the data. When I power the APM and the minim OSD everything is working fine, but when I arm the data is frozen. I tried to change the values on the MP -> Not working. I tried to click the button "Enable Telemetry"…"
Dec 6, 2013
M3one replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"I just tried the rc5 and the auto-tune worked perfectly. I think everything is working fine but holding the altitude in alt_hold and loiter. My quad losses altitude when I move it forward/backward/right or left. Is this normal? I think version 3.0.1…"
Dec 2, 2013
M3one replied to M3one's discussion Compass offsets
"This weekend I went to fly and I did the live calibration, away from any magnetic source and with the telemetry. The results didn’t change so much: 178/155/-28. This time I didn’t get the toiletbowl, but I think my magnetometer has something wrong,…"
Nov 27, 2013
M3one replied to M3one's discussion Compass offsets
" I'm sure there are people here who can guess what's happening..."
Nov 13, 2013
M3one posted a discussion
Hi,I don’t know if anybody can help me or at least explain this. I had problems with the loiter (the typical toilet-bowling) so I took a look at the compass offset values. They were -175 -158 -13, out of the recommended range (-150 150), so I…
Nov 13, 2013
M3one replied to Diego Fdez.'s discussion PRIMEROS PASOS: por dónde seguir? in Spanish arducopter Users
"Mira como tienes configurado el pitch. Cuando la palanquita le das hacia arriba, en el Mission Planer tiene que bajar, es decir, va al revés. A mi me pasaba. Saludos"
May 28, 2013
M3one replied to Søren Kuula's discussion Google Earth flight reconstruction
"Wow!! its awsome!! how did you do it?"
May 25, 2013
M3one replied to M3one's discussion Is this normal?
"Please, any idea how to fix it?
May 5, 2013
M3one posted a discussion
This is the graphic of the Z acceleration of my quadcopter:It doesn't look like prety normal since I suppose it should be arround 0 instead of -1000....Any idea what's going on?Thx
May 4, 2013
M3one replied to Håvard Knapp's discussion Share your typical crashes!
"Hahaha, really funny post!! I feel better now, I'm not the only one who has stupid crashes... No experience before:
My second flight: One leg wasn't enough tight so it fell. My landing with 3 legs wasn´t really smooth.
Damage: 1 propeller

May 4, 2013
M3one commented on Majid Khan's blog post Configuring Turnigy 9x with arducopter
"Thanks Giuseppe, but the problem is that I have only one connection from the Rx to the APM inputs since the APM is in PPM-SUM mode. It's better explained here.
Yesterday I was looking for a solution the hole day but I still don't know how to solve…"
May 2, 2013
M3one replied to M3one's discussion Problem with flight modes and PPM SUM
"I think I have the key but dont know how to open... Channel 5 of the receiver doesnt have to be connected to the APM and channel 6 is connected to channel 5. Since in PPM-SUM mode you have only one connection Rx-APM, you can not do this, so channel…"
May 2, 2013
M3one replied to M3one's discussion Problem with flight modes and PPM SUM
"No idea? any help will be be highly appreciated"
May 2, 2013
M3one posted a discussion
Hello!I have a problem and it's getting me crazy. I followed this guide to configure the flight modes and they were working fine. Yesterday I configured my APM2.5 to be PPM SUM and have only one wire in the input signal, and everything is working…
May 2, 2013