Share your typical crashes!

I bought a arducopter kit fall 2012, have had a lot of fun. I allways try new things for fun, but it results in crashes :D

Thought i would share them. Some are silly, some you can learn from (you probably know them already.) #4 is the silliest.


Second flight with a quad (no prior experience)

I was flying in my office, my colleague opened the window. He dared me to fly out, and land on the lot, so i tried.

touched the window on the way out, and off it went :)

damage: one broken leg, 2 props.


1 prop came off mid air, about 30m of altitude.. It was carrying a gopro. 

damage: frame and props


I was doing my second automated mission. Everything was doing fine, till the last action, "go home"

What i didn't know, was that "home" was set to gps 0, 0, 0. That's somewhere outside africa. I live in norway.

Off it went. Luckily there was an office building stopping it.

damage: arm, legs, props, 1 motor, 1 esc


Wanted to try something fun: fly really high, cut the motors, let it freefall, throttle up and let it stabilize.

So I did. 

It worked :D

two times.

Third time, the props started spinning backwards. I think the ESCs weren't to happy with that, so they didn't bother turning the motors back on, just weird noice...

so, freefall from 50m onto the loan.

Damage: 1 leg. 1 esc won't arm, haven't fixed it yet..

Surprisingly little damage.

Share your silly crashes.

photos are coming

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  • I've been flying r/c helis for a long time, so I rarely crash from any LoS flying issues, however I had an ESC die on me at about 100 meters.  Damage: a couple props, 4 DJI arms, and the lower half of a TBS frame.  gopro 3 was undamage somehow. 

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    LOL, your ESC's rebelled against you, they should be denied electrons for a week!

  • Hahaha, really funny post!! I feel better now, I'm not the only one who has stupid crashes... No experience before:


    My second flight: One leg wasn't enough tight so it fell. My landing with 3 legs wasn´t really smooth.

    Damage: 1 propeller


    Changing the battery, I connected both wires of the battery (+ and -) together....

    Damage: Fortunatly, the battery is working


    I was 6~8 meter avobe ground and one propeller wanted to fly by its own (It wasnt enough tight again...). The quad fell like a stone.

    Damage: Miraculously, only the 4 legs.


    I'm going to fly now, later I'll tell you :D

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