Problem with flight modes and PPM SUM


I have a problem and it's getting me crazy. I followed this guide to configure the flight modes and they were working fine. Yesterday I configured my APM2.5 to be PPM SUM and have only one wire in the input signal, and everything is working fine... but the flight modes. I don't know why, but I have the exactly same configuration than before in my Turnigy (shown in attached files), and now, when I try to do the mix, PWM value of channel 5 doesn't change, but it's changing the value of channel 6!! Why? I have no idea :(

By the way, This morning I flown the quadricopter and everything worked fine but I only had one flight mode....

This is my equipment:

Turnigy 9x with Orange Open LRS


Thank you!!!




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  • I think I have the key but dont know how to open... Channel 5 of the receiver doesnt have to be connected to the APM and channel 6 is connected to channel 5. Since in PPM-SUM mode you have only one connection Rx-APM, you can not do this, so channel 6 of the Rx is input 6, so this is what is happening. But I don't know how to solve it... Can we change the channel for the flight modes to be other than 5?


  • No idea? any help will be be highly appreciated

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