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Hi everybody!!

Im new in this world of arducopters and RC. The reason that Im here is because I have a Gopro and I really love the videos that can be made with this little bird.

I spent last week learning and looking for information, and now I have an idea about what Im going to do. Im going to buy the RTF quadrucopter, I think is the easiest way to start, and I will have enough time to learn how it works after the crashes... Im going to buy it on udrones (I think is the only web selling it), but I have read some people unhappy with their costumer service, I hope they are only a few and normally the sell had not problems.

Here I have a question, do I have to configure the FC, PID, and all this staff or is already setted up? If it's RTF (you only have to mount it, add the batteries and the reciever) I suppose its already done, but Im not sure.

For the transmiter I´m going to pick the turnigy 9x, it's really cheap and many people have it, so I think it'll work. Question: What's the maximum distance that it can work? does it (distance) depend on the model of transmiter or it's only depending on the frequency (2,4GHz)?

And I'm also looking for a cheap 2-axis gimbal, if someone know any ready to put it I'll be grateful.

And that's all, my travel has started and I hope to learn so much from you ;)

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  • Most people have a t9x not so much because it is good as much as it being hackable. Based on what I have seen the Tx unit is OK with the rit firmware but the stock radio parts are apparently not very good.
    So if you go for t9x I would advice to get FrSky tx module and receiver for it. You get telemetry option, excellent range and rock solid performance out of the FrSky gear.

    The level of pre configuration made is something you are best of aski the vendor you will be buying from. Most afaik do not set everything up only parts.
    PID tuning is something you have to do when changing the setup anyway so thisnis something you should familiarize yourself with.

    Other than that welcome on board and good luck :).
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