GoPro remote triggering

Has anyone figured out how to use the APM to trigger a GoPro? I want to trigger it in still mode, or be able to start and stop the video. I  have a wifi remote, but all the APM documentation says you have to disable Wifi to fly. I assume it poses an interference problem.

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  • Yes!!! It took me a while to figure out, but it works well. I hope this helps:

  •  Update,

     I was a little concerned that the servo arm might damage the GoPro button. so I took a different servo arm and found some small compression springs at a local hardware store, cut one in half and used that open end and screwed it into the holes of the arm. (it's kind of a pain in the ass to get started.)

    I will use epoxy to secure the spring in place. then cut off the extra bits.

    I like the way this works a lot better.


  • Tom, I have spent several months trying to figure this out myself. I finally decided to try using a 9 g servo I had laying around. I mounted it to a Quanum Q-2D gimbal using 3M heavy duty double sided tape. It's actually working out pretty well. A sub micro servo would be better suited for this application, smaller and lighter.

    Be careful when setting up the PWM values for the shutter in mission planner. Start with the pushed values close to the not pushed value. Then slowly increase them until your GoPro is triggered.



    • Awesome, thanks for the idea!! Just ordered a couple sub micro servos now. Only need one, but when they are so cheap, might as well get a couple extra for future projects...haha!
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