GoPro Shutter Trigger on 3DR Solo


I've been looking at some of the features of the new 3DR Solo and one of them appears to be integration with the GoPro platform.  I'm curious if anyone knows how it integrates?  I'd like to have remote shutter and mode controls but I don't really want to crack my GoPro case and start soldering to the board.  Perhaps a firmware update that enables a shutter pin on the backpack bus?  

Anyway, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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  • And how can we controll the Gimbal alone since it will be available as separate part, will we be able to control it with any Pixhawk?


  • No, the GoPro's internal wifi range is not nearly long enough for that. The Solo is connecting to the GoPro locally on the craft, and the Solo's computer handles talking to the GoPro and providing that interface to the ground controller

    • Right, that's what I meant. WiFi on the Solo using the TCP/IP API then encoded on the Solo and sent 5.8 ghz to the ground.
      • Oh, I definitely don't think it's that. They're already literally plugged in to the GoPro. It would be a waste of batteries and adding another unneeded point of failure to have it communicate via WiFi when they already have physical access.

        • The WiFi on the GoPro needs to be turned off to reduce interference on 2.4GHz so I assume the 3DR Camera Control Board (link here) will be built into the Solo Gimbal and interface with the GoPro via USB.

          • OK, I need one of those board now.  :-)

            Although, you are assuming the Solo uses 2.4 GHz for control.  Seems like it could be a number of possible frequencies since they are using a proprietary transmitter/receiver.  

            • me tooooo where do I get one ahhhhhhh!


  • I figured maybe they used the TCP/IP API and connected via WiFi?

  • They partnered with GoPro on this which means it is almost surely integrated directly in to the GoPro via API over USB

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