• I have the same problem.  Here's what I think are the possible fixes.  Anyone have a "how to" for #s 1, 2, or 3?

    1. disable GPS and attach external GPS.

    2. buy replacement APM2 shield

    3. service fee for APM2 shield repair (not an available service from 3D Robotics)

    4. buy replacement APM2

    ** This hobby isn't so expensive when accidentally damaged equipment is covered by credit card buyer insurance **

  • I did not see your post until today but i am in the same boat. If you get it fixed i would like to know how you do it.

    Thank you3692449628?profile=original

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    One possibility would be to try an external GPS. To use it, you have to find a way to disable the existing GPS. 

    I have not tested this way, but you might try this:

    CAUTION: this method has not been tested yet. It might make your whole board not work. But if you can solder, you could reverse it. And you will need an external GPS. I recommend this one, or this one

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