GPS missed out during LOITER

Hello everyone,

I wonder what will happened if GPS signal missed out (no fix) during LOITER.

A have emulated this situation on the ground and checked nav_roll and nav_pitch with MP.

nav_pitch and nav_roll are gone crazy. Seems like it is one of the cause of "fly away" accidents.

I'm asking AC Developers to clarify my suspicions.

Thank you,

Michael N.

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  • Roberto, thank you for reply.

    Automatic mode switching may cause additional unexpected behavior when switching.

    When GPS lost I suggest to update destination coordinates with the latest valid current coordinates before NO_FIX. And  when 3D_FIX appear again set new destination on first valid coordinates.

    What do you think about this proposal?

  • Moderator

    Yes could be,

    in my test with a bad gps ... if during loiter or other automatic function lost gps the quad became crazy , could be better swith in a mode as stabilize and inform the pilot by a blink led or beep .



  • Does anybody know the answer to my question?

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