I purchased a f550 frame and am currently awaiting my APM2.0 purple setup with integrated GPS. My question: will I be able to mount the board in the middle of the two plates or will I not get a GPS lock?






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What are the central plates made from?

The arms appear to be some kind of plastic, and the central plates appear to be aluminum. If that's true the GPS might work in between the plates because of the spaces, but I wouldn't expect it to be accurate.

This also has a to do with the  GPS patch antenna that is on the APM2. I've used a helical GPS antenna and was able to get usable readings inside under my desk, and underneath a car. 

I got the helical antenna from here: http://www.jimdgrayassoc.com/index_files/GPS_STUBBY_SERIES.htm

If I remember correctly the antenna was $50, however this was 2 years ago. 

However my suggestion would be to place it outside of the two plates. 

The two plates are fiberglass...

What is a helical antenna? How would it wire into the APM2?



Well if it's fiberglass then it should be no problem. Fiberglass is "transparent" to radio emissions, so it should work.  

good to know...probably need to sling the batteries underneath though. I'm guessing lipo is not transparent :)

Lipos are covered in some metallically looking packaging, I wouldn't expect them to be transparent. 

Take a look at what I did with the F450 mounting it on top. PDB sandwiched in the middle and battery on the bottom.

Nice setup! I really like the way you suspended the board from the posts. How does it fly? I've been doing aerial video/photos for the last 4 years on traditional helis and have been making the transition to multi rotors in the last 2 months. Have a Hobbyking board right now that seems to be pretty stable, but only has 3 axis gyro & no auto leveling, etc... can't wait to get my hex in the air with the APM2!

Have you ever seen either of these mounts? Any thoughts on how easily they would attach to the F550?



Thanks! It is flying pretty good, I just think the pilot needs more practice LOL. Still learning how to get it tuned it and make it better. We built  (2 buddies are helping me) a little cage to hold/protect the battery underneath the frame and that is working great. I will try to post a video as soon as possible. We haven't been able to do much flying the last two weeks because there has been so much wind here in Boise. I sent a friend request, maybe we can share some ideas. I think I will try and post some more pictures tonight we have updated it a lot since this picture.

Talk to ya later

I have seen that before it looks really cool. Does it add a lot of weight or change the stability at all?

From what i've read, they reduce flight time by quite a bit because of the weight...however, the COG is not really affected. The first mount is directly under the center of the copter and the second mount has the "rails" that can move the camera mount back or forward and the batteries mount on the back rails which can be adjusted as well. I'm leaning toward the second mount I think. First one is about $150 at http://www.rc-drones.com/default.html and the second one is available at http://www.aeroxcraft.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPat... for about $100 USD. 

Pulled the trigger on the Aeroxcraft landing gear...should be arriving in a week or so. Will post pics when it's dialed in. Thinking my APM2 will be in the mail about the same time as the landing gear/camera mount!

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