Hi forum, I'm a relative newbie in that although I bought my AC about 6 months back, I've only now started working on it.

Problem: with GPS connected my AC2 won't arm the motors/boot properly. As soon as I disconnect the GPS cable I can boot and arm the motors. This situation follows 4 days of struggling to get the AC to arm the motors. I tried everything in the troubleshooting guide and went through every post in this forum that referred to motor arming problems. Eventually I found a post that related how a guy managed to arm his motors after removing his magnetometer. I figured the GPS was quickest to remove, and once I did that I was able to arm.

This problem happens whether or not my GPS has lock, and whether I use a MediaTek or a uBlox GPS module. I have two APM1.4s so I also switched IMU boards and the same problem persists. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate feedback. It must be located in the main board/software since all other components have been eliminated.

In the MAVLINK console I see that it says 'GPS disabled' whether or not the GPS is connected.

Equipment: uDrones Arducopter quad in X mode, with APM1.4. Running latest firmware.

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Are you sure the GPS is plugged into the right port? It should be the one on the lower APM board, not the IMU board (which says "NO GPS")

Yes you are right - was plugged into the IMU board and not the main board, thanks again Chris.

My arducopter is a preassembled model from uDrones, and it arrived with the cable plugged into the upper port, so I assumed that was correct.  Should have looked more closely at the photos in the wiki.

I'm getting GPS data in APM Planner - happy days are here at last!



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