GPS problem on APM2


I'm facing a strange issue with APM2 GPS lock. The blue led of the GPS shows solid 3DFix and when I connect the APM2 board via USB to my computer Mission Planner says also "3DFix" as expected.

Now when I connect the battery, as soon as power is connected Mission Planner says "No GPS" but still the GPS blue led is solid showing 3dFix?

I have managed to get nice results in stabilize mode with my hexa but switching to loiter does nothing because it seems that the GPS is deactivated somehow when the board is not powered from the USB-port.

I'm using 2.5.4 and latest version of Mission Planner.

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    Upgrade to 2.5.5

  • Hi,

    How long did you wait  under USB? It can take 10mn.

    I have the same problem with loiter or RTL: it seems they do nothing .

    But, waiting for a a few minutes  under USB, the panel switch from "No GPS" to "3D Fix", and the location appears in the "Flight Data window" (zoom x19).

    Maybe, some parameters needs to be adjusted?

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