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Georges P. replied to ampilot's discussion Compas declination
"Do your simple mode really works? Don't you have a shift in the direction taken by the copter with roll action during flight?
I tried all methods described in the manuel to calibrate the magnetometer, but I have always that problem.
The direction…"
Aug 14, 2012
Georges P. replied to Will Snodgrass's discussion Problems Connecting to APM after Update?
"I have also problems on APM2, Mission Planner 1.2 and V2.7.
My PC beeps when firmware is writing to board and don't know why.
When I arm the motors and increase speed, 2 of them stop atfer some seconds, and problems with ESC calibration.
It was…"
Jul 27, 2012
Georges P. replied to V18's discussion GPS problem on APM2
How long did you wait  under USB? It can take 10mn.
I have the same problem with loiter or RTL: it seems they do nothing .
But, waiting for a a few minutes  under USB, the panel switch from "No GPS" to "3D Fix", and the location appears in the…"
May 25, 2012
Georges P. posted a discussion
Hi,I read all about "Simple mode, and "Super simple mode", but I'm not able to understand how going into these modes, without using CH7 options. What is the manual mode and how switching to? I try to find it in the forum with no success, nor in the …
Apr 6, 2012
Georges P. commented on giu's blog post Configure 6 flight modes for Futaba T7CP
"On  programming T7C,it seems some informations missing, as:
PMIX1: MAS=>CH5 or CH7? and SW: A (2possibilities) or E (5 possibilities)?
Thanks for answer..."
Feb 21, 2012