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ampilot replied to Gerrit Jan Baarda's discussion How to run mission planner on debian
"Unfortunately it fails on my computer:

INFO Program - ******************* Logging Configured *******************INFO ArdupilotMega.MainV2 - Mainv2 ctorINFO ArdupilotMega.MainV2 - myview width 1008 height 461INFO ArdupilotMega.MainV2 - this   width…"
Sep 21, 2012
ampilot posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Yesterday I did some testing of sonar.I see that sonar altitude isn't smooth - it is understandable, as the ground isn't flat (I was flying over grass and small bushes). That implies nervous jumping of my hexa when flying on low altitude.I think,…
Sep 17, 2012
ampilot posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Today I was flying my hexa without telemetry. Now I want to see some details from my flights, but I don't know how. I've successfully exported logs from APM and I have *.log, *.log.gpx and *.kmz files.I can open kmz in Google Earth, but I don't know…
Sep 15, 2012
ampilot replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.7.2/2.7.3 released
"Today I had a chance to fly my hexa with 2.7.3 and I'm really impressed. Compass auto calibration works- in previous versions, I had to change it manually by -4 deg. Alt-Hold and Loiter works perfect, at least with very light wind.
There are also…"
Sep 9, 2012
ampilot commented on lot's blog post Quad copter flying for 4-8 hours
"Lithum-Sulphur rechargable batteries may have 50% more energy than LiPo.
Lithium batteries (non-rechargable) may have more than 100% energy than LiPo.
In short future Li-air batteries may have 10 times more energy than LiPo. Prototype is expected in…"
Aug 29, 2012
ampilot posted a discussion
I've tried to use auto compass declination and manual with value (+4deg) from website, but direction displayed on MP was still not right. So I've put some experimental value (-5deg) with which my copter becomes to point right direction (according to…
Aug 14, 2012
ampilot posted a discussion
I wanted to test simple mode, but I don't understand how it works, or it is not working. I've hexacopter with AC 2.7.1, I've checked "Simple mode" checkboxes at all flight modes, but I don't see any change: it works exactly like without simple mode…
Aug 5, 2012
ampilot replied to Zachary Eldridge's discussion Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress
"I've tested 3DR telemetry kit with Samsung Galaxy SII and Android 4.0 over USB host cable. It is detected as FTDI RS 232 serial device. Will it work with you app ?"
Jul 17, 2012
ampilot posted a discussion
Is there any way, to test Loiter, RTL, Auto modes without flying ?I've tested Stabilize, Alt-hold and Land modes, and they are working well. But when I switched to loiter, my copter tried to run-away very fast.I'm afraid to make it again, so I'd…
Jul 17, 2012
ampilot posted discussions
Jul 13, 2012
ampilot replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.6 released!
"3DR Telemetry vs. USB: I was trying to configure ArduCopter over 3DR Telemetry kit but it works strange: I was able to enable Sonar, but not to disable. Also many other configuration options (like battery monitoring) was not working properly over…"
Jul 10, 2012
ampilot replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.6 released!
"I'm confused where is the front of APM 2.0 board. If I will connected the board according to the picture in Wiki, (with GPS on back), the artificial horizon roll and pitch works in opposite direction.
In stabilize mode my hexcopter flies well but…"
Jul 8, 2012