Yaw tuning

My hexacopter flies in stabilize mode very well on default parameters, the only small problem is with yaw control. First of all YAW response jest very weak in comparison to roll and pitch. Next, yaw forces copter to climb. One full rotation changes altitude about 1 meter up. I think there should be some parameter, which controls this, but I can't identify it.

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  • I have the same issue, only mine seems to climb when yawing clockwise and drop when yawing ccw, so i had figured that there was some motor power issues between left right and front back

  • I have also had these same issues with slow yaw and lifting on yaw on my 1000mm quadcopter.
    I should probably figure out how to pull down and compile to code and try out 2.6.1.
  • Yes.. I have the same problem.. super stable Hex... good as a 10k MK...

    But when I yaw the MK.... its rock solid in vertical motion..  where my APM2 climbs when yaw is stopped..

    When is 6.2.1 going to be on Mission Planner ?


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    the current Dev version 2.6.1 on GIT solves all these issues. Look for it soon. Perhaps in a week?


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