Simple mode question/problem.

I wanted to test simple mode, but I don't understand how it works, or it is not working. I've hexacopter with AC 2.7.1, I've checked "Simple mode" checkboxes at all flight modes, but I don't see any change: it works exactly like without simple mode checked.As I understand, in simple mode, copter should fly from me or to me and left/right starting from original location with any yaw. Am I right ?

Is there any other setting which should I set, to make simple mode working ?

Is there any indication in MP/logs that simple mode is engaged ?

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  • Developer

    Perhaps you have enabled Simple mode via Channel 7? If so that will override your per-channel settings.


  • 3D Robotics

    Simple mode means that you can ignore the copter's yaw, and simply "fly the compass". Is that not what you're seeing? When you load your settings from APM (via USB or wireless) are the simple mode checkboxes checked?

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