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Today I was flying my hexa without telemetry. Now I want to see some details from my flights, but I don't know how. I've successfully exported logs from APM and I have *.log, *.log.gpx and *.kmz files.

I can open kmz in Google Earth, but I don't know how to check altitude and speed during flight.

Is it possible in Earth ? Or it is in other files ?

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  • Hi ampilot,

    you can open the log.gpx file with a standard text editor, it is an xml file basically and you can check if some of the data that you are looking for are enabled.

    e.g. here are some examples:

    <trkpt lat="47.0691699" lon="8.4664497">

    with the right sequence of this data, Google Earth is able to determine your speed (interval time from 1 point to the next) and elevation... if elevation or time is missing you will not be able to "cross" the data.

  • Developer

    Post your log here and I'll make a KML of it.

    I have some perl script I use to parse log files. They only work in BBEDIT, but I'd be glad to share them if interested.


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