Configure 6 flight modes for Futaba T7CP

I bought a cheap RC Futaba T7CP on ebay, but I spent 3 days in order to understand the right configurations of switches to enable 6 flight modes.
Here, my solution. Hope useful for the community.
(I used some hints from other blogs)

1. I used SWE and SWA. SWE is a 3-position switch. while SWA is on the left and it is a 2-position switch

2. You have to set End Point, SubTrim and RT in MIX. First, set the ENDPOINT for CH5 to be 50%(UP) and 52%(DOWN). You can tune the values until the pwm value(see point 5.) are right.

3. Then, set the SUBTRIM for the GEAR (CH5) to be 100%

4. Configure a P-MIX ( I used P-MIX1) to be without offset, and with the following rates: 24% and 60% (You can switch between the rates by using the 2-position switch)

5. Exit (END button) and check the pwm values in CLI->test->pwm.

6. Configure you radio in CLI->setup->modes


NOTE: Maybe, in order to not mess the radio setup, you have first to setup radio channel: CLI->setup->radio

I attach some pictures for sake of clarity.

Regards to everyone


1. First set the endpoint for Rudder (CH5)


2.Then adjust the GEAR of CH5


4.Finally, set the mixing program.  I choose P-MIX1

3689412489?profile=original5.Set the Master and Salve Channels (I used for Master CH7 and for slave CH5). Set the 2 rates : you can switch between one and the other by toggle the A switch



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  • ive followed this and got it pretty much right except for a bit of tuning to get all six positions perfect, but this is mixing channel 5 and channel 7 - so to enable this switch mixing im actually losing channel 7 completely? have i got something wrong in the setup or is this to be expected? frankly its hardly any improvement over the plain three position switch plus a fourth option on channel 7.




  • 3692361952?profile=originalBonjour,

    Ces photos pourront je l'espere vous aider ( 7cp en 35Mhz)


  • I have


                   CH7-SW A

    P-MIX1 CH7->5



    It depends which physical swithes you want to use.

    Now I get 5 modes, but it's enough for a while.

  • On  programming T7C,it seems some informations missing, as:

    PARAM: CH5=>SWE? CH7=>SWA?

    PMIX1: MAS=>CH5 or CH7? and SW: A (2possibilities) or E (5 possibilities)?

    Thanks for answer...

  • I keep playing with this but cant get it right- I'm a radio novice. Is there a way to get 4 modes and still use channel 7 for set, for example, auto-level. I'm sure its obvious to someone, I'm banging my head on a wall.

  • The settings that worked for me were:

    End Point on Ch 5 Up 52 Down 39

    Sub Trim Gear +120

    Then P-Mix 1 as per the recommended settings above (60% as in the text, not 69% as in the photo).

  • Sorry, maybe late, but there is "second" round (cursor down) of P-MIX1 options, INH must be OFF(instead), then the second "round" seems to be all right P-MIX1 CH7->5

  • Hi everyone, so I have read the post over and over again, but I can only manage to get 3 position on my T7C. I just bought it so I am still finding my way arround it but I would rather stand on the shoulder of giants to see over the horizon, so please can some giants out there help?

  • Ah haaaa just realised I needed to set PARA CH5-SW>E and CH7-SW>A. Under the PARAMETR menu page 2.   this was where I was going wrong. 

  • Hi,  found out regarding the offset.

    But I have another problem.

    I configured 6 modes in the CLI.

    But when I get back to the flight data, under status, the "mode" field doesnt correspond to the modes I configured in the CLI (I am connected via USB) which one of them is the correct indication of the mode?

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