Configure 6 flight modes for Futaba T7CP

I bought a cheap RC Futaba T7CP on ebay, but I spent 3 days in order to understand the right configurations of switches to enable 6 flight modes.
Here, my solution. Hope useful for the community.
(I used some hints from other blogs)

1. I used SWE and SWA. SWE is a 3-position switch. while SWA is on the left and it is a 2-position switch

2. You have to set End Point, SubTrim and RT in MIX. First, set the ENDPOINT for CH5 to be 50%(UP) and 52%(DOWN). You can tune the values until the pwm value(see point 5.) are right.

3. Then, set the SUBTRIM for the GEAR (CH5) to be 100%

4. Configure a P-MIX ( I used P-MIX1) to be without offset, and with the following rates: 24% and 60% (You can switch between the rates by using the 2-position switch)

5. Exit (END button) and check the pwm values in CLI->test->pwm.

6. Configure you radio in CLI->setup->modes


NOTE: Maybe, in order to not mess the radio setup, you have first to setup radio channel: CLI->setup->radio

I attach some pictures for sake of clarity.

Regards to everyone


1. First set the endpoint for Rudder (CH5)


2.Then adjust the GEAR of CH5


4.Finally, set the mixing program.  I choose P-MIX1

3689412489?profile=original5.Set the Master and Salve Channels (I used for Master CH7 and for slave CH5). Set the 2 rates : you can switch between one and the other by toggle the A switch



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  • Has anyone used this external mode switch on Futaba T7C if yes then how is it and how to install please?


  • This did not work for me at all. I had to make channel 7 (the three position switch) as SLV and had to change the End points of channel 7 as 45% up and 55% down with RT as -40% to get the best possible PWMs. However, I got the concept from this thread initiated by giu and explaining it on video by James.Thank you all.

    The step wise procedure that I followed to get all xis modes is attached here under please:


  • Thanks for the guide! I don't no if you now use to RC channels to set the flight mode? but I did a few things differently so that only channel 5 is used to set the six flightmodes by using two switches (not every switch corresponds to an RC channel):

    Channel5: trim:
    -Description: selects flight mode
    -Reverse: normal
    -E.Point: 50%-52%
    -Sub-Trim: Gear +100
    -P-MIX1: 1. set SW=G-high
    2. set P-MIX1=ON
    3. set MAS=OFS
    4. set SLV=CH5
    5. set RT=-56
    6. press 'End'


  • Here's the configuration I got to work well on my 7C for switches D and G, six flight modes, and no messing about with channel 7:

      E.POINT CH:5 UP 47% DN 48%
      SUB-TRIM CH:5 GEAR>+60
      P-MIX1 MAS>OFS SLV>CH5 SW>D-UP RT>-50%


  • this is my hex flying with the 6 modes active



    alt hold


    simple stabilize


    this controller is awesome


    i made this video after i figured out how to set up the 6 modes on my futaba 7c

    i took the ideas from a couple of other posts from diy drones but used a camera and screen capture to display

    link to youtube

  • figured out that half of the settings i had tried were unnecessary, made a video as my setup is slightly different to that explained in the original post:

  • Hello James,
    This is my new setup and this works very well
    you'll have six modes with inter E (3POS) x2 G with Inter (2 pos.)
    more VR (ch6) ,plus D switch (ch7)

  • chapelat,

    thanks but that doesnt quite seem to fit with the options i have in P-MIX1.  with your method is channel 5 completely seperate from channel 7?


  • Hello James, I give you my method for Futaba 35Mhz CP
    -long press on the button "mode / page"
    with the wheel, choose Parameter then click the trackwheel andclick on "mode / page"
    you must set like this:
        CH5-SW> E
        CH7 SW-> D
    - Revert: MODEL with the dial, choose P-MIX1 then click the trackwheel
    you must set like this:
    P-MIX1 SFO -> 5
            RT> 50%
    So you have your seven available channels
      good flight

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