GPS signal indoors

I'm wanting to work with my QuadCopter indoors, but also have a sufficient GPS signal while working indoors. To be specific, either a room, or a sort of warehouse/work shop. I've been looking for some sort of GPS Repeater or GPS re-radiator, that's fairly inexpensive and will do the trick. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be best?

Would a GPS repeater for a car do the trick? Will the QuadCopter get good enough GPS reception indoors as is? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • GPS repeater or re-radiator basically amplify the signal of an outdoor GPS antenna then radiate the signal from an antenna placed indoor. As the outdoor antenna location is fix, the rebroadcast signal will always give fixed position of the outdoor antenna on your GPS receiver that's placed indoor. So it's only good for testing if the GPS receiver can receive signal and give position, but can't give you actual position of the GPS receiver.

  • If you'd know how GPS/GLONASS work, you'd know there is no such thing. The closest thing would be to navigate by other signal strengths, like Wi-Fi, the first question tells me you won't build that anytime soon.
  • I honestly do not know if such a repeater exists, but logically it seems doubtful.

    GPS triangulation relies on split-second timing for any kind of an accurate fix, and you would think that introducing any type of delay would make it completely ineffective.

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