GPS vibration damping

Has there been any indication that the gps should be mounted using some isolation or is it ok to mount it directly? I haven't seen any posts indicating vibration isolation is necessary on the gps unit.I bit the bullet and bought a ublox and will mount and test in the next couple of days

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  • Only thing is (of course) that less vibration reduces the risk of failures in electronics in general.

    However unlike the IMU, where the acceleration sensors get somewhat swamped by vibration, so good damping improves behaviour, something like a thin piece of sorbo rubber is all that is needed/wanted. Even just a piece of Velcro will remove the worst.

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  • T3
    I not heard anything on vibration damping for GPS. I Velcro mine to the top of my stack. It's away from other electronics and has clear shot of the sky. Works spot on.
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