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yesterday  I'm travel long time by my car around the italy. In this travel I'm speacking with my Friend Roberto that's a graduate of Aero Spacial University of Padua about some test that he doing with an gps ... He tell me that he see that if gps antenna rotate around a point .... is possible to augment the precision of position reduce from 5 meters to 1 m or less ... so I have an idea If I put on my Esacopter 6 antenna and use an high speed switch to change antenna I obtain the same result ... What do you think about this idea ? Some people are yet doing this kind of test ? With this kind of approach is also possible define the heading when the Esacopter is stopped and other kind of information ....

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Off the top of my head, I would imagine the minimum radius of the rotation circle would be important. Just as the Nyquist frequency is important for anti-aliasing, I'd imagine the radius would have to be at least half the error distance. Else, you'd simply be getting back the same cluster of data you would otherwise. I imagine you'd also have to do your own processing on it, rather than rely on the GPS's "averaging" (statistical computation).

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