GPSd for ground station and vehicle


Building a vehicle from scratch.  It is a boat.  Have it working as an FPV fairly well using a three year old Pi and PCA9685 servo controller and GStreamer for video.

Would like to add a GPS function.  Can write my own using C, but people have told me just to use GPSd.  Just having trouble getting my head around how to use it.  Using TDMA UBT bullet, so the Pi is using IP based Ethernet. 

From what I read, it can be used in the vehicle and the control station.  Would like to get some pointers on how it should be implemented.  Only need the vehicle to send its position once ever second or less if it is not moving.  All things on the vehicle side, I try to write in C or LUA.  Regarding the ground station, Python and the other two are allowed.  Used Python for the joystick.  Saved a lot of time.

Have GPSd loaded on my Debian/Jessie notebook buy itself.  Can't get it to do much.

Picture of the boat is attached.  Appreciate any words of wisdom regarding the use of GPSd.  ;-)


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