Grid missions for mosaics

Hi, I was experiencing with Ardupilot in HIL, and give I try to the grid missions. My plane fly very well any kind of mission, but when I create a grid it's doesn't follow the waypoints very well.

What happens is that when the plane finish a line of the grid and make a hard turn to the next line, what make him lose the first and second waypoints of that line. In my opinion what the plane should do is go a little foward, with a little angle in the oposition direction of the next line and make a maneuver like a drop so it can enter the line precisely.

Is something wrong with the configuration of my ardupilot or the behavior that I'm experiencing is normal ? 

Regards from Brazil

PS: I'm not sure if it's right to post this here, but since it's related to aerial photography I decided to.

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  • Olá Felipe, pelo que pude compreender, me parece que o radius dos WP estão pequenos demais, forçando a aeronave a fazer manobra brusca para poder cumprir, Será que não seria isso?

    Forte abraço!


    Hello Felipe, if I understand, it seems that the radius WP are too small, forcing the aircraft to make a hard turn to perform the path/flight planne.

    Did you try change this specs of each WP?


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